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Welcome to Velour Medical, the top provider of customized cosmetic and medical experiences in the New York area.

At Velour, we strive to make health and beauty both convenient and approachable.

Our trained professionals tailor each experience to our client’s personal aesthetic and wellness goals. Our services, which include Botox, Fillers, and others can be performed either at-home or in our medical suites in Manhattan.

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Michael Kennis, MD
Founder, Cosmetic Injector
for Appointment
for Appointment
Highlighted Services:

Treating every face like a new art project, Dr. Kennis is always focused on what each client needs. With Botox and Fillers as his bread and butter, Dr. Kennis continues to rock NYC with his well-known Lip Filler techniques.

Cyma Mounzer, NP
Cosmetic Injector
for Appointment
for Appointment
Highlighted Services:

With her “less is more” approach, Cyma boasts one of the best Lip Filler techniques in NYC, as well as full-face rejuvenation with neurotoxins, fillers, and microneedling. Cyma works closely with brides-to-be with her detailed treatment plans and timelines for weddings.

Kori Butler, RN
Cosmetic Injector, Thread Specialist
for Appointment
for Appointment
Highlighted Services:

Implementing her vast expertise in PDO thread lifts, fillers, and neurotoxin injections, Kori is well known for her ability to consistently provide age-defying results to her clients.

Gabrielle Yakoobian, NP
Cosmetic Injector
for Appointment
for Appointment
Highlighted Services:

As an artist at heart, Gabrielle approaches cosmetic injections with a focus on enhancing natural beauty, rather than altering it, and takes great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact her work has on her patients.

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Great experience. Tim was professional on time and made me feel safe. Got me my rapid PCR results within 30 minutes of my test and provided me with the proper documentation. Incredible service!

Eric Santangelo

Worth every penny. Scheduling was super easy, they showed up right on time, and I got my results the next day, as promised.

Erin Hugger

Velour balances great service with timely results. Their friendly and helpful staff is a pleasure to work with.

Greg Munves

Just amazing.

Harrison McLaughlin

The group at Velour Medical is extremely professional and quick to answer any questions I have. During the times of COVID-19 the comfort of velour has kept my mind at ease with fast test results and their wonderful team. I will only be using them as I find them safe, efficient, convenient, and worth every cent!

Jackie Bendeth
Beauty Consultation
Fillers - Facial Balancing
Smooth Threads - Lips
Vitamin Boosters - Normal Saline
Vitamin Boosters - Alpha Lipoic Acid
Skinvive - Neck
IV Therapy - Rebuild IV (*formerly Performance)
PRP Injections - Hair Restoration
PRP Injections - Undereye
Filler Dissolving
Skinvive - Perioral Area
Vitamin Boosters - Meta-Boost
Vitamin Boosters - Ondansetron
Fillers - Cheeks
PDO Thread Lift - Jawline
Smooth Threads - Neck
Fillers - Smile Lines
Fillers - Lips
PDO Thread Lift - Neck
IV Therapy - Immune IV
PRP Injections - Smile Lines
Kybella - Love Handles
Microneedling - Microneedling Only
Microneedling - Neurotoxin
Smooth Threads - Acne Scars
Skinvive - Cheeks
Vitamin Boosters - Vitamin D Booster
Fillers - Undereyes
Fillers - Jawline
Skinvive - Nasolabial Folds
IV Therapy - NAD+ Therapy
Microneedling - PRP Facial
Skinvive - Lips
Kybella - Back Fat/Bra Bulge
PRP Injections - Facial
Fillers - Temples
Microneedling - Hyaluronic Acid
Fillers - Marionette Lines
Fillers - Chin
Vitamin Boosters - Famotidine
IV Therapy - Focus IV
PRP Injections - Forehead
PDO Thread Lift - Cat Eye / Brow
Kybella - Banana Rolls
Vitamin Boosters - Vitamin B12 Booster
PDO Thread Lift - Full Face
Vitamin Boosters - Tri-Immune Boost
Vitamin Boosters - Glutathione
IV Therapy - Alleviate IV
Smooth Threads - Smile Lines
IV Therapy - Jetlag IV
PDO Thread Lift - Nose
Fillers - Neck
Smooth Threads - Skin Enhancement
Concierge Care
PDO Thread Lift - Midface
Smooth Threads - Forehead
IV Therapy - Beauty IV
Vitamin Boosters - Biotin
Kybella - Chin Fat
IV Therapy - Essential IV
Chemical Peels - Underarms
Chemical Peels - Face
Chemical Peels - Elbows
Chemical Peels - Bikini
Chemical Peels - Back
Chemical Peels - Arms
Botox - Trapezius
Botox - Lip Flip
Botox - Hands
Botox - Full Face
Botox - Crows Feet
Botox - Bunny Lines
Botox - Calf Slimming
Botox - Brow Lift
Biostimulators - Temples
Biostimulators - Nasolabial Folds
Biostimulators - Marionette Lines
At-Home Viral Testing - Same-Day Covid-19 RT-PCR
Chemical Peels - Chest
Biostimulators - Buttocks
Biostimulators - Neck
Botox - Masseter Reduction
Botox - Forehead Lines
Botox - Frown Lines
Chemical Peels - Buttocks
Botox - Underarms
Botox - Neck Bands
Biostimulators - Jawline
Botox - Gummy Smile
Biostimulators - Decolletage
Biostimulators - Cellulite Dimples
Biostimulators - Cheeks
At-Home Viral Testing - Respiratory Pathogen Panel
Biostimulators - Hips
At-Home Viral Testing - Rapid Molecular Testing
Botox - Down-Turned Mouth
At-Home Viral Testing - Next-Day Covid-19 Lab PCR
Botox - Chin Dimpling