NYC’s Premiere Center for Luxury Medicine

Velour Medical was created in 2020 with one sole purpose -  to reimagine how we experience healthcare, as both patients and providers, by bringing best-in-class Cosmetics, Medical, and Wellness services directly to you.

Letter from
Our Founder

I am proud to welcome you to Velour Medical, New York City’s Leading Cosmetic and Medical Concierge.

As a Family Medicine Physician with a passion for medical aesthetics, working through the covid pandemic showed me a need for beauty and medicine to be revolutionized. Driven by the goal of changing how patients experience beauty and healthcare, Velour Medical was founded to provide cosmetics reimagined, backed by traditional healthcare initiatives. My passion for empowering people to always look and feel their best soon came to fruition through personalized aesthetic, wellness, and medical services, and Velour's identity was solidified.

The company’s journey has taken strides to push past the fourth wall of medicine - the fictional construct that divides home and healthcare. It is my goal to continue to reunite the two.

After the past three years, I can say that the feelings I associate with Velour are trust and pride. I am grateful to the 5,000+ families in New York City that can depend on us as we leave the pandemic behind and usher in a new era of beauty and healthcare with Velour Medical. Luxury concierge cosmetic and medical services in the comfort of your home is here, and it is Velour. We don’t accept patients - we curate relationships.

We are Velour.

In health and beauty,

Meet the Team

Michael Kennis, MD
Founder, Cosmetic Injector
Zach Goldstein
Chief Operating Officer
Steve Leone, PA-C
Director of Operations, Concierge Care
Matthew Orzillo
Director of Technology and Integration
Melanie Albert
Marketing Manager
Kiana-Lei Sniffen
Director of Aesthetic Operations
Aiden Gallagher
Experience Coordinator
Erik Woodbury
Operations Coordinator
Mia Calicchio
Aesthetic Operations Coordinator
Stephen Spector
Medical Assistant
Naomi Murdakhayev
Medical Assistant


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